For many working Australians, investing through superannuation is an effective way to secure their financial future in retirement. While you are working it is important to regularly review your super contributions to ensure you are saving enough to fund an enjoyable lifestyle once you enter retirement. The government provides generous tax incentives to encourage Australians to invest in super. The more you take advantage of these, the more super you’re likely to accumulate over time.

An allocated pension is an account that will provide you with a regular income stream from your super savings. The income stream will generally be available to you once you’ve reached age 65 and retired from the workforce. In some circumstances, you may be able to access your super while you are still working as a transition to retirement or pre-retirement pension.

Corporate Superannuation is used to describe superannuation funds setup by an employer as the ‘default’ superannuation find for their employees. Corporate Superannuation is important to companies looking to seek the most appropriate advice for their employees and their business. Corporate Superannuation will generally provide for a range for benefits for employees, such as insurance within superannuation.

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